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I started cooking when I was 8 years old. I was in the Girl Scouts and one of the things I had to do was bake biscuits to get a badge. Well, that got me very interested in cooking. As time went on I discovered many cook books and cooking shows. I would watch cooking shows for hours on Saturday mornings. I always chose one recipe I saw on a show and would make it for dinner that night. I bought a lot of cook books and read all of them and tried hundreds of recipes. I also worked in two restaurants in my early 20’s and discovered a lot about the world of food during that time. My cooking skills were progressing and I loved to cook and challenged myself with a lot of international cuisines. Not too long ago I was also a personal chef and enjoyed every minute of it.


Cooking for me is my way of showing love to my family and friends. I really enjoy making things that make people happy. Food connects people, it is something to be shared and enjoyed together. Food can be for celebrating, nourishing and comforting the soul. It should be relished.

In this book are recipes that I have developed over the years. There are also some very precious family recipes that I have gathered over decades that I treasure because they are a part of my history with food and family. These recipes are family friendly, simple and not intimidating. Most of the ingredients are common and every day. You don’t need to know a lot of technical cooking terms or skills to make my recipes. I want everyone to be able to enjoy cooking for their families and friends.