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We are a Green Business

What is means for you that we are a green business.


We have been a certified green business since 2015.  We are very proud to be a part of the green network and have worked very hard to be green and stay green.

Our soaps are wrapped in 100% biodegradable film, our boxes are made from 100% reclaimed fiber, of which 35% is post consumer recycled.

We do not use chemicals to process our soap. We use 100% certified pure essential oils. The herbs we use are all natural and organic. 

All of our products are packed in containers that can be recycled. 

Our soaps are hypoallergenic, vegan and vegetarian friendly. We use only quality shea butter, olive oil and goat's milk in our soaps. 


We recycle everything we can and try not to put too much waste in the landfill. We use CFL bulbs, we reuse bubble wrap, packing peanuts and cardboard boxes. We have low flow toilets and have replaced our thermostat with a smart thermostat to save on A/C and heating. All of our appliances like our computer, printers etc. are energy star as well. 

We really care about the planet and we really care about you too. Be good to yourself and the planet use natural soaps!

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